We create workshops suited to your needs

Resiliency takes different shapes depending where you want to increase it. We have extensive experience with facilitation, offering workshops, doing research and coaching. Over the years we have created a large professional and scholarly network that we can rely upon and collaborate with, if needed. We are using leading edge tools as well as traditional and sometimes ancestral methods to convey knowledge and skills.

Currently, we offer the following 5 workshops. They are designed to give a solid foundation to cope with uncertain times and foster resiliency. If your needs do not fit within those products, we can design a workshop that will address your specific needs.


Integrated Resiliency - Navigate the Murky Waters of Uncertain Times

Sense-Making 101 - how to lead when direction is lost

Resiliency for youth and young adults - making the best of a bleak future

Mind your wellbeing - build your inner resilience

Complexity and organisational resiliency - managing wicked problems