Training & Coaching

Resiliency is standing strong in uncertain times. Increasing resiliency starts with work on oneself but since our private and professional lives intersect with multiple social circles resiliency soon expands to the business, organisations or communities we are part of.

Are you happy with your resiliency skills? Do you want to expand your skillset or are you managing a team that does? Maybe you want your family to become more resilient? Maybe you want to understand what governing for resiliency looks like? 

As a first step in becoming more resilient, we offer an interactive introduction and overview of the underlying ideas and principles that create resiliency – antifragility where possible.

As a second step, our coaching services will cooperatively identify the potential blind spots that hold you back. Meeting you where you are, together we will expand your resiliency toolbox. We use the modalities provided by Integral Coaching Canada – they are considered to be the gold standard of coaching.

Our very broad academic, entrepreneurial, technical and hands on backgrounds have put us in a unique position to respond to your specific needs. We have extensive experience in the creation of course material, coaching and facilitation, and are looking forward to working with you or your team to build on it.

Oh and yes, and this will not be boring. In fact, this will be very fun, we promise 🙂