“We assume that things will be the way they were” – David Hume

“It is an acknowledged fact that we perceive errors in the work of others more readily than in our own.” Leonardo da Vinci

Sense-making is the ongoing process of making sense of an ever-changing situation while being increasingly aware of one’s own evolving perception and biases. The more we are aware of all the factors that influence our behavior, others behaviour, the behaviour of an organisation and the nature of emerging issues, the more effectively will we be able to steer. My father always said: “No one can do something twice, faster than doing it once correctly.”

This workshop is made of 3 sections:

  • Sense-make of one self
  • Sense-make with others
  • Sense-make of the world


The workshop offers a solid grounding and experience in the theory and practice of sense-making, including basic training in:

  • Understanding and working with human cognitive and heuristic biases
  • The role of trauma, mind and body in perception
  • Cognitive flexibility and decentering
  • Increased polarisation and the loss of collective meaning
  • Making sense together and the wisdom of the many
  • The problems with technology and how they affect our culture and our decision making
  • Game theory and systems traps
  • The Cynefin framework and how to quickly asses a situation


After this important workshop you will be better equipped to detect what creates reoccurring mistakes or what stands in the way of progress.

We facilitate the workshop using a range of leading-edge tools and techniques to accommodate the various cognitive learning styles: presentations, audio and video materials, storytelling, art, performance, music, conversation and role play. As such, the workshop will create a fun, comfortable and empowering environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued. Participants will have plenty opportunities to connect with other people facing similar challenges and build their community of practice.

Who should register?

Professionals who have to take decisions or individuals that want to bring change


The workshop can be delivered in person (preferred) or over Zoom and has the options of

  • 2 two-hour sessions
  • 4 one-hour lunch sessions


If you are interested in these topics, but the scope or time commitment of this workshop is too broad or detailed, we are happy to work with you to shape the content and form of the workshop to accommodate your needs.