Dig deep and raise taller!

As we witness the vibrant autumn leaves yield way to gravity, the crisp chill of autumnal air and the first snow on the mountain tops, the Root and Rise Retreat is back.

It is just in time to embrace the slowness and reflective nature of this seasonal change.

Autumn holds so many teachings: the natural world begins to slow its pace, animals prepare for their upcoming hibernation, leaves fall and return to the earth to rot, ferment, decompose in preparation to be reborn, and to make the soil fertile. This process is sometimes gentle, sometimes chaotic. We can learn from this and remind ourselves to trust the universal & natural rhythms of the earth and the inherent goodness of the world. All that is alive begins to slow its pace, and we invite you to do the same for your mind, body, and soul in order to better rise anew.

Juliette Angelhart Zedda, Florian Boulais, Katrine Frese and Jen Massie welcome you to a weekend of learning, practice and self-care to help you connect with your inner light, cultivate gratitude for the journey you’ve embarked upon, and create the fertile soil for the future you envision. Through curiosity, research and experimentation they work towards integrating new ideas in order to create more truth and peace in our lives. Some of their topics of interest are creativity and the brain, personality, behaviour, body work, spirituality, communication, leadership, plant medicine, citizen agency, globalism, the survival of bodily death.

Fall is a season that begs us to renew, to immerse ourselves in routines that nourish and refuel our inner selves.

Collaboratively, we will create a space that nurtures an interpersonal connection where the ability to be authentic, is met with integrity, compassion, and the enthusiasm to move towards your full potential.

We will be using Nature’s rhythms and their momentum to reconnect with well-being:

  •  Awaken your inner spirit with the power of movement and rhythm. Experience the profound connection between your brain, body and soul through dance, letting your emotions flow freely. 🌙
  •  Say no to burnout and learn how to give your nervous system 3 days of rest in 1 hour. 
  • Dive into the depths of your psyche, confronting and embracing your inner darkness and shadows. 
  • Sugar and wheat, the plague of our time. 🧁
  • Guided bonfire discussion exploring the role of psychedelics in our complex world 🍄
  • Find serenity and balance during this time of exploration though yoga. 🧘
  • Engage your inner-auto-clean function.

The food provided, the venue and the landscape will support the process and catalyze your experience.

Join us at Root and Rise Retreat—a sacred space where you can surrender to the wisdom of the seasons and rediscover the resilient light within you.

The retreat starts Saturday, October 21 at 9 a.m.  and will close on Sunday, October 22 around 3:30 p.m. See the schedule for more details.


Your Hosts

Juliette Angelhart Zedda

Counsellor, Coach, Supervisor, Facilitator, Psychosomatic & Expressive Arts therapist, Yoga teacher. She will meet you where you are. A real treat to work with her.

Juliette sees humans for who they are, including all the dimensions of our beings: cognitive, emotional, somatic, interpersonal, moral and spiritual and she deeply rejoices in the presence of socio-cultural and ethnic differences. We all have shadows and blindspots, animal instincts and drives, attachment to our sense of self (ego) and to our personal expectations and we are also made up of amazing divine gifts and wonderful loving capacities. Juliette believes that each one of us is on a journey of recovery, healing, repairing, growing and learning how to manifest authentically and creatively. She also believes that the individual personal work we do directly impacts those around us and our society at large. In order to find health, we have to connect with our families, neighbours and communities and to start deeply honouring our land, resources and all sentient beings. Juliette welcomes all of you who are ready to make deep and lasting changes in your life to find new relationships, skills, meaning and fulfillment. As she puts it: S/HE + THEY = WE

Katrine Frese

Facilitator, Trainer, Educator, Researcher, Geologist, Consultant. Gifted with natural curiosity and intelligence, Katrine’s calling is connecting people and facilitating meaning-making relations. She is driven and dedicated to the people and projects that make herself and her community better. After spending her life on various continents, Katrine is a newcomer to Canada and has lived, loved, laughed, worked and played in the Yukon for the last 15 years. Katrine loves the movement as well as stillness. Since a very young age, she was drawn to yoga as a way to calm her mind and connect to and embody the animal world. At the same time, not many days passed without a pencil in her hand creating, analyzing, calculating. If there was a slogan that expresses her philosophy best this would be ‘The only thing I know is that I don’t know.’ She is a lifelong learner and has changed life multiple times, always looking for more truth and peace.

Jen Massie

Jen believes that dancing/movement is everyone’s birthright and adores the accessibility it provides for each individual’s unique self-expression, freedom and joy. Combining her appetite for spontaneous movement, playful humour, diverse music, Somatic Experiencing (www.traumahealing.org) and the wilds of the Yukon, Boreal Boogie aims to have a little something for everyone! To find out more please visit ­­­­­www.borealboogie.com

Florian Boulais

Jack of all trades, master of some, constantly learning more, he has been passionate about understanding what it takes to find peace, purpose and joy in uncertain time for the past 25 years. Florian is a newcomer to Canada, long-term Yukoner and an Integral Coach, facilitator, long-term Vipassana Practitioner and MHC Resiliency Teacher (Certification in process). He will guide you through techniques designed to enhance your intuitive abilities to discover and connect with your Self and your purpose, so that you may live a more resilient and meaningful life in alignment with your Self’s deepest yearning. He is also a musician and an artist who integrates life-long personal experiences and studies of world indigenous and ancestral story, collective evolution, philosophy, psychology, myth and healing in his work.

“Over the two days, I found a safe container to explore my inner world and share with like-minded people. We laughed, moved, ate well, sat in healing community and were welcome to express our discoveries, what was challenging for us and how to sit with an open mind to what messages were bubbling to the surface. After the weekend, my meditation practice was enriched, my food cravings were more about nourishing than soothing emotional needs and I slept more deeply. Sitting in community with these experienced, compassionate, supportive teachers brought so much benefit to my life. I look forward to future experiences with Kat, Flo, Juliette and other teachers they feel are a good fit. They bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to their work.” – Robin.

‍9:00 am           Arrival and check in and welcome
9:45 am           Morning workshop
11:30 pm         Yoga

1:00 pm           Lunch

2:30 pm           Afternoon workshop
4:30 pm           Your time – reflection – integration – socialize
5:00 pm           Boogie Dance

7:00 pm           Dinner

8:00 pm           Evening discussion
9:00 pm           Your time – hot tub – bonfire – socialize- reflect

‍6:00 am           Wake up – matcha, coffee, tea
6:30 am           Meditation, breath work

8:00 am           Light breakfast

8:30 am           Morning workshop
10:15 am         Yoga

11:45 am         Lunch

1:00 pm          Afternoon workshop
3:30 pm          Checkout and good bye

What to bring
• An open mind for whatever new experiences may come in the upcoming days
• Positive energy and friendly demeanor
• Wear comfy and warm clothes to move in (inside and outside) and think about a pair of shoes you are comfortable to dance in outside that matches the possibility of a muddy season with maybe first snow.
• A bathing suit for the hot tub
• A journal, pen, pencils and or crayons if you like doodling or express yourself in artsy ways
• Reusable water bottle
• Meals, snacks, tea and coffee will be provided.
• Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are on site.
• Your personal items, such as toiletries, medication, headphones, sleep-aids (e.g., earplugs – think shared accommodation), etc.

What NOT to bring
• Perfume (we try to maintain a scent-free space)
• Expectations
• Negativity or judgement
• Wifi adapter and your work email (disconnecting is a part of the experience, right?)
• Too many clothes
• High heels 😉 

The Root and Rise Retreat is $690 per person plus gst.

 This covers

  • One night, two-day accommodation at the luxurious Boréale Lodge.
  • Four experienced practitioners with training in facilitation, yoga, meditation, dance, psychosomatic therapy, arts therapy, integral coaching, counselling, adult education, and last but not least paramedic first responder training.
  • Four interactive learning blocs, designed and planned to accommodate the various learning styles to allow for your best possible experience and build your ecology of practice.
  • Five sessions with physical activities, i.e., yoga, breathwork, dance, meditation, and time for personal reflection and relaxation.
  • Four fresh, healthy meals plus snacks over the two days.


How to Register

  • Please fill out the form below.
  • We will respond within 24 hours to confirm availability.
  • After confirmation of availability, full payment is due to complete registration and can be made by e-transfer to info@fb-consulting.ca. Payment plans are not available.  



  • 15 days cancellation notice must be given to receive your registration fee refund (minus a $50 administrative fee).
  • If you cancel between 14 days and 8 days in advance, 50% of the registration fee (minus a $50 administrative fee) will be refunded. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the organizers if another participant is able to take your place.
  • Any cancellations within 7 days of the retreat will result in the entire forfeit of your registration fee. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the organizers.
  • No refund is available if you cancel on the first day of the retreat, do not show up, leave the event, or accommodation early.
  • If a participant tests positive for Covid-19 during the retreat they must leave the Lodge. Participants required to leave due to a positive Covid-19 test will be eligible for a pro-rated refund or credit valid for 1 year from date of issue for the portion missed due to early departure.


Money should never stand in the way of human potential. Using a sliding scale tuition-fee is our way to make the transformational magic of our retreats more easily accessible to a more diverse community of brains, hearts, and souls. Please get in touch and let’s talk.


4 + 3 =