Research & consulting

We conduct specialized and targeted research and analysis on behalf of a client and produce a final report of key findings. Our expert knowledge can fit in and provide reports in areas where you and your staff cannot.

We find solutions by:

  • Combining practical management and defensible science
  • Integrating leading edge approaches and traditional ways of doing
  • Using Complexity Science – helps shine a light and undo false assumptions when complexity has obscured what is happening
  • Using Systems Science and Systems Mapping – when complexity goes up in an organisation, when there are interactions between elements on multiple levels at the same time, systems science and systems mapping are cutting edge tools that help map out and spot where powerful yet often counterintuitive action can be taken
  • Using the Cynefin framework – tool used by the European commission to rapidly make sense of complex and chaotic situations
  • Using facilitation to gather data and problem solve when the complexity at hand is beyond one’s ability to fully grasp what is going on – helps the group to come to concensus