Katrine Frese

Katrine is a gifted researcher, educator, trainer and facilitator, with over 20 years of professional experience in Canada, the US and Europe. Katrine has worked with all levels of government, First Nations, global corporations, academia and with the not-for-profit sector. Her work supports collaborative approaches focusing on natural resources and risk management, energy and climate, land use planning and aboriginal rights. Her multi-faceted portfolio of achievements, includes among others the curriculum development for Yukon University’s ‘Post-Degree Certificate in Climate Change Policy’ involving 29 guest speaker, managing the Whitehorse Designated Office of the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board, and a specialization in risk, vulnerability and impact assessment related to natural hazards and climate change. 

Before living in the Yukon, Katrine worked in the field of natural catastrophe risk modelling for global insurance and re-insurance companies to evaluate and manage the risks of natural and man-made disasters, and further has developed training programs in adult education. For more than ten years, Katrine has taught university classes and supervised MSc Students.

Katrine’s recent projects include:

  • Re-developing the curriculum for the final experiential course of the Post-Degree Certificate in Climate Change Policy for Yukon University to include delivery either as a land-based field school or a COVID-19 safe, service-based online capstone project, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders;
  • Supporting Teslin Tlingit Council and Government of Yukon in developing job descriptions related to positions in the field of renewable energy;
  • Assessment support related to development projects in the mining sector focusing on natural hazards and climate change, for the Yukon Environmental and Socio- Economic Assessment Board.

Katrine completed a Masters of Geology Degree at RWTH Aachen, Germany and holds a Doctorate Degree in Natural Sciences from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

After spending her life on various continents, Katrine has lived, loved, laughed, worked and played in various communities in the Yukon for the last ten years. Katrine loves the movement as well as stillness. She lives in a small house outside of Whitehorse with her partner and two dogs and enjoys spending time outside running, hiking, canoeing, or in the mountains skiing or climbing, and inside with a yoga mat, a good read, creating food after the motto “keep it local, keep it healthy” or building projects… She is always open to new challenges!

It is the combination of Katrine’s curious and very personable nature, combined with her academic background, social and professional network, her on the ground knowledge of real projects happening in the Yukon, and her familiarity with policy making and climate change research across the North that makes her profile unique.