Integrated Resiliency - Navigate the Murky Waters of Uncertain Times


In this workshop you will learn to empower yourself and others to better cope with the personal, relational, professional and societal challenges that come with uncertain times. Come participate in an intensive process of discovering how you can tune your inner compass to point towards ever expanding resiliency.


This threefold workshop is not only going to facilitate building your resiliency toolbox, but it will transform your attitude and the ways you navigate through your daily life. We will provide you with knowledge and skills, based on a blend of western science and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, that are directly relevant to cross-cultural workplaces and communities in Canada’s North. The three areas of focus of the workshop are:

  • Reaching in: finding that which is unwavering
  • Reaching out: finding that which creates strong connections (and relationships)
  • Resiliency at work: full-fill and be fulfilled


We facilitate the workshop using a range of leading-edge tools and techniques to accommodate the various cognitive learning styles: presentations, audio and video materials, storytelling, art, performance, music, conversation and role play. As such, the workshop will create a fun, comfortable and empowering environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued. Participants will have plenty opportunities to connect with other people facing similar challenges and build their community of practice.


The workshop offers a solid grounding and experience in the theory and practice of resiliency, including basic training in:

  • Historical and philosophical approaches regarding resiliency, focusing on the inevitable hardship in life
  • Personal ecology (self-care)
  • Personal mastery (managing your own state of being)
  • Building effective relationships, partnerships, teams
  • Emotional intelligence and fundamentals of evolutionary psychology
  • Communication skills (e.g. non-violent communication, courageous conversations, verbal judo)
  • Transformational change


Who should register?

  • Professionals at any level, including educators, public servants, recreation and tourism workers, responders and health care workers, etc.


The workshop can be delivered in person (preferred) or over Zoom and has the options of

  • 3 two hour sessions
  • 2 half days
  • 1 full day


If you are interested in these topics, but the scope or time commitment of this workshop is too broad or detailed, we are happy to work with you to shape the content and form of the workshop to accommodate your needs.