Meetings are central in working with groups and teams. In the best case, a meeting can allow for the emergence of a highly creative group spirit. At its worst, it is a frustrating waste of time. To a great degree, the outcome of a meeting depends on the quality of its facilitation.

Etymological origin:

Facilitation comes from the verb “to facilitate”, which in turn comes from the Italian “facilitare”: to make easy or easier. The common Latin root of these words is the adjective “facilitis”: something that is done easily.

Accordingly, “facilitation” would mean the act of making something easy or easier, simplify our life or make it easier for others to perform tasks or reflect.

We pave the way and create a process through which constructive, goal oriented multi-stakeholder group discussions on specific contentious topics, on a shift in vision/mission/values, or on organizational structure will happen. Using a well balanced blend of conventional and progressive approaches, our facilitation process will go beyond the surface and enable the group to fulfill the purpose of the meeting and achieve its goals.

Whether in a classroom, a meeting or a coaching session, Katrine and Florian have provided skillful, transformative facilitation for individuals, groups and teams in the following areas:

  • Topic specific team projects
  • Topic specific working groups and workshops
  • Training / Education
  • Coaching sessions
  • Meetings of any kind.