Personal Resiliency

Family resiliency

Community Resiliency

Governance Resiliency

The world is becoming more complicated at an exponential rate while our ability to make sense of it augments linearly – this dynamic is akin to running in the woods faster and faster as it gets darker and darker. 


Why Resiliency?

Because more resiliency is like more money in the bank.


Personal resiliency is the foundation of human life. As much as we are trying to avoid hard times and conflict, they are part of our lot. Today, technical abilities increase at an exponential rate making our lives easier in many ways. On the other hand, our culture breeds hyper-sensitivity, hyper-fragility and pain aversion in people. That is  problematic, since achieving comes at the cost of failing first. Second, a healthy life always goes hand in hand with sacrifice, effort and not being afraid and have the skills to face painful issues that inevitably occur. 

We believe that resiliency in all it’s forms is key in our journey forward:

  • individual resiliency: brain, body and soul’s ability to bounce-back
  • relational resilience: strong interpersonal skills and bonds
  • collective/community resilience: local reliance, co-creating communities of care 
  • cultural/societal resilience: a practical and inspirational common narrative grounded in social, racial and economical justice
  • systemic resiliency: redundancy and optionality built in – think global, act local

We have been thinking about what it means to be more resilient for about 20 years. We have been studying what principles underly resiliency in various contexts: personal, familial, business and governance. We are passionate to share our findings and our expertise because we know that more resiliency is like more money in the bank: it will come in handy some time down the road. We know that the resiliency you have, will be the things that you do not need from others and the peace you have for yourself.