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“I cherish nothing more than engaging in meaningful conversations with someone, where we candidly share our mistakes, the invaluable lessons we’ve drawn from them, and our plans for the future. It’s a rendez-vous between two individuals on a life journey, dedicated to personal growth, seeking serenity and wisdom. Perhaps the most precious contribution I bring to these conversations is the wealth of mistakes I’ve made and the countless times I’ve dared to push my inquiries to the limits of what seemed rational. It’s at those limits where clarity resides, and it’s at the heart of our discussions where meaning emerges.

Some may describe my mind to be unsettled, but I prefer to think of it as being on an ardent pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. These ideals are elusive and ever-evolving, making the answers akin to an attitude—an ongoing refinement, much like the careful polishing of a cherished piece of furniture.

I offer coaching and mentoring services for individuals and organizations. My expertise is rooted in Integral Coaching, and I collaborate with the Canadian Mental Health Organization to enhance resilience among firefighters. My knowledge spans across fields such as psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science, which I wholeheartedly bring into our conversations. I guarantee substantial, measurable and rapid results in a short period of time.”





Integral Coaching® is rooted in the very essence of the word “integral,” signifying inclusivity, wholeness, and completeness. At its core, Integral Coaching® embodies a holistic and integrated approach to personal transformation. This approach is underpinned by globally recognized Integral Theory, which provides the framework and developmental principles for our coaching.

Integral Coaching Canada’s methodology is the result of extensive research into adult development and the meticulous study of Integral Theory. It offers a systematic and all-encompassing path to change that spans from enhancing everyday well-being to profound personal evolution. Most conventional approaches to change are partial and transient. In contrast, Integral Coaching® delivers lasting transformation that extends far beyond the confines of a coaching contract.

Integral Theory, a widely recognized and comprehensive knowledge framework, has been applied globally across various disciplines, including Integral Psychology, Integral Ecology, Integral Medicine, and Integral Politics, among others. Integral Coaching Canada pioneered the integration of Integral Theory into the realm of Professional Coaching, using it as the foundational guide for our programs with academic rigor and practical efficacy.

Integral Theory encourages us to appreciate that various disciplines often advocate their own “correct” way of doing things. However, from an Integral perspective, we see that these approaches are all valid yet partial. Integral Theory provides a map that accommodates their diversity, uniting them into a more inclusive whole.

Integral Coaching® extends this Integral map into the realm of Professional Coaching. It seamlessly incorporates aspects of behaviorism, ontology, systems thinking, and the unique coach-client relationship dynamics. It balances subjective understanding with objective, measurable results, and it is a rapid and potent process.

When considering coaching approaches, two primary elements should be examined:

  1. The METHOD, or how a coaching school understands adult development and growth.
  2. The APPROACH, or how a coaching school perceives and supports the client in their journey.

Integral Coaching® delves deep into both these aspects, helping clients unearth their ingrained patterns and simultaneously craft a new path forward. By actively working on these fronts, we achieve exceptional results in a remarkably short time.

Our approach is based on Subject-Object Theory in human development. By enabling clients to explicitly and objectively see themselves, we facilitate rapid and profound shifts towards healthier, more fulfilling ways of living.

Integral Coaching® deploys Integral Lenses based on Ken Wilber’s AQAL model, which encompasses All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All Types, and All States. These lenses form an Integral framework, known as a client’s AQAL Constellation™. Throughout the coaching process, the AQAL Constellation™ serves as the roadmap, ensuring that coaching aligns with the client’s needs rather than the coach’s biases.

The integration of a powerful Integral Coaching® method, the coaching objectives, and a comprehensive view of a client’s AQAL Constellation™ culminates in a potent approach to adult development. Complex yet not convoluted, just like human beings. Our Integral approach has been recognized as best in class by the Integral Institute, making Integral Coaching® the modality of change for our times.


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“I didn’t immediately grasp the outcome of our first conversation. But step by step, conversation by conversation covering all sorts of subjects, we unraveled beliefs, questioned received educations and preconceived ideas. It allowed me to consider new approaches and new perspectives. Through our exchanges, we touched on so many topics, from romantic relationships to discussing nutrition for an hour. Regardless of the starting point of our conversation, it always seems too short because there is so much to discuss. He gave me tools I needed to spark change in several areas of my life. I can only recommend with closed eyes… a rare thing these days.” – Rachel S.