We help you to stand strong in uncertain times.


We offer an initial 30 minutes consultation to get to know each other, assess how we can best serve you and decide if it is a good fit.  Your resiliency means the world to us. 


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Acknowledging that we live and work in the Traditional Territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.


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F & B Consulting

We love the Yukon and its people. We have been passionate about building resiliency in the Yukon since 2001.

Next Workshop Offering - End of January 2021

Our Speciality

Resiliency & antifragility


resilience | noun 

1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness: the often remarkable resilience of so many natural systems.

2) the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity: nylon is excellent in wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience

fragile | adjective 

easily broken or damaged: fragile items such as glass and china. easily destroyed or threatened: you have a fragile grip on reality. (of a person) not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable.

antifragile | adjective

Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better. (Quote from Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, 2012)

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What we are passionate about

Resiliency is that peaceful certainty that you are ready, that whatever happens, your family is ready, that your business or organisation can handle a hard knock, maybe even get back up stronger than before.

We are passionate about empowering people, families, businesses and governing bodies to grow more resilient. Resiliency has been trumped by hyperspecialized-financial-success for quite some time. A resilient person, a resilient business or a resilient organization are inherently good for all…and this is about to become a whole lot more important. 

Get in touch with us for an hour free consultation to asses your situation and give you an idea of what you can work on to improve your inner and outer resiliency – maybe antifragility.  Your resiliency means the world to us.


Workshops, Training and Coaching

Resiliency is standing strong in uncertain times. Increasing resiliency starts with work on oneself but since our private and professional lives intersect with multiple social circles resiliency soon expands to the business, organisations or communities we are part of.

Are you happy with your resiliency skills? Do you want to expand your skillset or are you managing a team that does? Maybe you want your family to become more resilient? Maybe you want to understand what governing for resiliency looks like? 

As a first step in becoming more resilient, we offer an interactive introduction and overview of the underlying ideas and principles that create resiliency – antifragility where possible.

As a second step, our coaching services will cooperatively identify the potential blind spots that hold you back. Meeting you where you are, together we will expand your resiliency toolbox.

Our very broad academic, entrepreneurial, technical and hands on backgrounds have put us in a unique position to respond to your specific needs. We have extensive experience in the creation of course material, coaching and facilitation, and are looking forward to working with you or your team to build on it.

Oh and yes, and this will not be boring. In fact, this will be very fun, we promise 🙂


Research and Consulting

We conduct specialized and targeted research and analysis on behalf of a client and produce a final report of key findings. Our expert knowledge can fit in and provide reports in areas where you and your staff cannot.

We find solutions by:

  • Combining practical management and defensible science. 
  • Integrating leading edge approaches and traditional ways of doing. 
  • Using biomimicry – we have found in nature an endless pool of ideas –  nature offers no end of time tested models that can inspire solutions to issues we face.


Meetings are central in working with groups and teams. In the best case, a meeting can allow for the emergence of a highly creative group spirit. At its worst, it is a frustrating waste of time. To a great degree, the outcome of a meeting depends on the quality of its facilitation.

Etymological origin:

Facilitation comes from the verb “to facilitate”, which in turn comes from the Italian “facilitare”: to make easy or easier. The common Latin root of these words is the adjective “facilitis”: something that is done easily.

Accordingly, “facilitation” would mean the act of making something easy or easier, simplify our life or make it easier for others to perform tasks or reflect.

We pave the way and create a process through which constructive, goal oriented multi-stakeholder group discussions on specific contentious topics, on a shift in vision/mission/values, or on organizational structure will happen. Using a well balanced blend of conventional and progressive approaches, our facilitation process will go beyond the surface and enable the group to fulfill the purpose of the meeting and achieve its goals.

Whether in a classroom, a meeting or a coaching session, Katrine and Florian have provided skillful, transformative facilitation for individuals, groups and teams in the following areas:

  • Topic specific team projects
  • Topic specific working groups and workshops
  • Training / Education
  • Coaching sessions
  • Meetings of any kind.


we create workshops suited to your needs

Resiliency takes different shapes depending where you want to increase it. We have extensive experience with facilitation, offering workshops, doing research and coaching. Over the years we have created a large professional and scholarly network that we can rely upon and collaborate with, if needed. We are using leading edge tools as well as traditional and sometimes ancestral methods to convey knowledge and skills.

Currently, we offer the following three workshops. They are designed to give a solid foundation to cope with uncertain times and foster resiliency:


  • Integrated Resiliency – Navigate the Murky Waters of Uncertain Times
  • The Fool’s Journey Workshop – Resiliency for Growing-Uppers
  • North Star Workshop – Resiliency 101 for Decision Makers

Integrated Resiliency - Navigate the Murky Waters of Uncertain Times

We have been facing a lot of uncertainty over the past 15 months: we are living in a time of massive change. Some people are showing incredible resiliency. They exude strength and warmth no matter which situation they are in. What are the underlying ideas and skills to achieve it? Building resiliency happens from inside out. Resiliency enables us to remain mentally healthy in uncertain times. The content of this workshop can be applied either to general worplace stress, or specifically to the stressful impact of COVID 19 on ourselves, our families and communities. Take the journey with us and build your resiliency toolbox. 

The way we facilitate the workshop creates a fun, comfortable and empowering environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued. Participants will have plenty opportunities to connect with other people facing similar challenges and build their community of practice. 


The Fool's Journey - Resiliency for Growing Uppers

The Fool is who we are when we start on a new journey. It is daunting to walk on an unknown trail. On the other hand,  if we are not comfortable with doing mistakes – being the fool – we will never start anything new.

More than ever, children will benefit from having a ready-for-all attitude. Life long learning, an adventurous spirit and a healthy dose of humour go a long way. As well, conveying the notion of service to the greater good will bring positive relationships around them.

North Star Workshop - Resiliency 101 for Decision Makers

Governance could be described as the political processes that exist in and between formal institutions. For the last decades, governance has been operating under the assumption that financial success and comfort for all are the holy grail to be sought. Unfortunately, in governance more than anywhere, using a handful of metrics to measure success creates a plethora of side issues that end up undermining the long term health of the organization and it’s members. This 3 hour workshop will point out and explore what principles foster resiliency in organizations – it will offer an unwavering guiding point for policy makers and decision takers.


Who We Are

Katrine Frese

Katrine Frese

Dr. rock, ice babe and down to earth

Driven and dedicated to the people and projects that make herself and her community better.

Florian Boulais

Florian Boulais

Natural Born Systems Thinker

 If an alien machine was found on earth, he would be the first one to master it. On the verge of obsession, if something will improve his life and the life of others, he will apply his uncanny systems mind and creative problem solving ability to be of pragmatic service.


Work With the Benefit of All in Mind

The notion that we can work in isolation from others is symptomatic of a profound misunerstanding of the world. Connection is inherent so instead we try to understand and refine the relationships we are involved  in.

Again and Again, put your Work Back on the Table.

As we age, the ideas and views we had when we were younger do not serve us anymore, they become obsolete. It is power to be able to recognize that and embrace new and more appropriate views.

Push Boundaries

Boudaries are usually further away and have usually different shapes than what popular wisdom imparts. We make a point to go see for ourselves and find the hidden gems.

Life-Long Learning

The complexity of the world is infinite. Comming to peace with having to keep on learning is a blessing.

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