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F & B Consulting

We love the Yukon and its people. We have been passionate about building resiliency in the Yukon since 2001.

Our Speciality

Resilience & Sense-Making


resilience | noun 

1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness: the often remarkable resilience of so many natural systems.

2) the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity: nylon is excellent in wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience

sense-making | noun 

The ongoing process of making sense of an ever changing situation while being increasingly aware of one’s own evolving perception and biases.


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What we are passionate about

Resilience is that peaceful certainty that you are ready, that whatever happens, your family is ready, that your business or organisation can handle a hard knock, maybe even get back up stronger than before.


Sense-making is a set of skills and principles that help when direction is lost. As complexity increases new ways of perceiving, being and doing are required. The top-down linear approach to fixing problems no longer functions when problems become more dynamic and interconnected. Using a top-down linear approach when tackling complexity leads to ineffective, sometimes counter-productive solutions. Sense-making helps understanding what is happening, and when a situation is well understood, it is half resolved.


We are passionate about empowering people, families, businesses and governing bodies to grow more resilient. Resiliency has been trumped by hyperspecialized-financial-success for quite some time while our ability to make sense and find direction, is lost in complexity. A resilient person, a resilient business or a resilient organization are inherently good for all…and this is about to become a whole lot more important as we are entering a period of massive change on a worldwide scale.


We offer workshops, facilitate, research and coach using a range of leading-edge tools and techniques to accommodate the various cognitive learning styles: presentations, audio and video materials, storytelling, art, performance, music, conversation and games. As such, you will find that working with us you will be in a, comfortable and empowering environment where everyone’s skills and abilities are valued.


Get in touch with us for an hour free consultation to assess your situation and give you an idea of what we can do to help. Your resiliency means the world to us.


Some of our clients

Association Franco-Yukonnaise


“Thank you, Katrine and Florian. This is a great perspective on life to be sharing with youth in an explicit way, along with modeling it.”

(Kim B., August 2021)


“Thank you! This is what was needed today!

(Vicky A., May 2021)


“Thank you so much for hosting and teaching! I really appreciated having more perspective on the language and tangible ideas of resiliency.”

(Andrew P., October 2021)


“We all have to deal with difficulty and uncertainty because of the times we are in. Resiliency is a key subject we should all study individually and collectively. Katrine and Florian give us a broad array of psychological tools to increase our resiliency. As we all lose our stability and our sense of control, Katrine and Florian help us to focus on what we can still control: our mindset! If you feel exhausted by this never-ending pandemic, and I am sure most of you are, I strongly recommend this workshop. I am sure you will learn something that will help you to feel better! “

(Yannick K., November 2021)


Who We Are

Katrine Frese

Katrine Frese

Dr. rock, ice babe and down to earth

Driven and dedicated to the people and projects that make herself and her community better.

Florian Boulais

Florian Boulais

Natural Born Systems Thinker

 If an alien machine was found on earth, he would be the first one to master it. On the verge of obsession, if something will improve his life and the life of others, he will apply his uncanny systems mind and creative problem solving ability to be of pragmatic service.


Work With the Benefit of All in Mind

The notion that we can work in isolation from others is symptomatic of a profound misunerstanding of the world. Connection is inherent so instead we try to understand and refine the relationships we are involved  in.

Again and Again, put your Work Back on the Table.

As we age, the ideas and views we had when we were younger do not serve us anymore, they become obsolete. It is power to be able to recognize that and embrace new and more appropriate views.

Push Boundaries

Boudaries are usually further away and have usually different shapes than what popular wisdom imparts. We make a point to go see for ourselves and find the hidden gems.

Life-Long Learning

The complexity of the world is infinite. Comming to peace with having to keep on learning is a blessing.

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